Entry #4

Nicks Self Repairs

2010-03-08 03:31:10 by jamiewalker

Hello All

Last post I mentioned that one of my friends had managed to hurt himself pretty bad (two broken feet and a broken back/vertibra) A few people messaged me so I just thought I would update everyon.

Nicks doing okay from what I hear, he has gone home to see the heal through as he dosent know many people here as of yet. He seems to be happy, he was when me and a friend took him a few beers and smokes thats for sure!

His feet are no longer in plaster but a boot which he can unstrap when he showers/bathes . I'm sure he's trating himself to a fair few beers and is doing fine. Doc's say he hasn't done any nerve damage in the back so he should be fine to walk! great news!!

On an unrelated topic I have finalised all sketches and story boards on my latest flash submission (about time) should be pretty good.

Oh and also Saturday night I get really drunk, took of on a mates scooter and didnt make it out of the driveway before drunkily pulling the throttle too hard smacking into a tree then sliding under a concrete set of stairs. Possibly did some damage to my foot but seems ok.

Until next time peeps!
-Thanks for reading

picture of nick, looks a bit out of it...

Nicks Self Repairs


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