Weekend from hell

2010-02-22 03:58:27 by jamiewalker

Hello Again,

So this weekend was a bit of a weird one!!

My brother is back in town and we went out for a few drinks (not the weird part) so after a few drinks we decide to call it a night (we went out a couple of nights earlier, had way too many jager shots, fell over on the dance floor a few times and generally where drunk :-P.

After getting back we see that a few people we knew where by the pool with some speakers set up so we decided to have a few more drinks and chill with the peeeps. Later that night about 1am I decided to go to bed. Had a great nights sleep and woke up the next day to hear all about what I missed! Turns out one of the guys I know broke both his feet and his back jumping off things into the pool, he seems to be okay when I call him but the hospital/doctors are not too sure about the whole walking side of things, so thats f*cked enough as it is

it turns out an Irish guy who's staying at the same Holiday aparetments as me decided to almost OD (6 trips) and head back home, where he ran around, ripped off an A/C unit and threw it over the edge of the balcony. After that he ran into his place to wake one of his mates up...his chosen method of doing this was to grab a picture frame off the wall and smash it over his face...needless to say he has monor cuts over his face...

Then (the irish guy is seeming more and more like the "Dads Home" character) runs back outside starts slapping a guy who I know across the face, third strike he was out, he copped a punch in the face and then his mates crash tackled him and settled him down.

How good it is to go to bed early and miss the cops showing up asking a thousand questions about him,her,it,him ,drugs,photo frames etc.

This weekend I plan to maybe take a trip out somewhere and distance myself from the Holiday apartments, Im renting there so everyweekend is a boozy, crazy experience, I do love it though.

Thanks for reading guys,

Now just for your enjoyment, me in a ladies style blond wig.


Weekend from hell


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