Australia Day!!

2010-01-26 18:19:22 by jamiewalker

Happy Australia Day

Hope everyone in Aussie-Land had a great day, Mine started monday evening! I grabbed a cold 10pack of Jacks and headed down to the beach, we set up a small fire and went fishing. So...that didn't go to well, we managed to catch a small bait fish, then...nothing :) ah well the drinks where cold and the music was on. We stayed for a fair few hours, during this time we chucked some garlic and herb spiced potatoes onto the fire (wrapped in alfoil :P ) and when they where just about done, we cooked some lamb chops on a pan we had brought down. Excelent, we headed back a few hours after darkness fell, back to my apartment complex where we continued to pickle ourselves with alcahol!

The next day Aussie day! saw much the same, about 30 odd people by the pool, Barbeque, drinks, a tonne of Sunscreen and music. Such a good day, even if my nose does feel a bit raw!

Australia Day!!


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