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My First Post

2010-01-14 03:26:52 by jamiewalker

Hello All...who bothers reading this!

This is my first entry and considering I am on NG allot (log in?...maybe I forgot :) ) there should be a fair few more coming up. I am sitting in my "new" office. I say new but really I have been here for about 4months now, so its still new enough. I have left behind family/friends/loved ones/ a girl ETC. I do love my new job and nothing says excitement like 3,427km away from anyone who knows you! Luckily for me the locals here like to drink and party so we do get along and I have made some friends. Not much happenening on the Flash front for me ATM (if you go by my last/only entry that would be 4years rest ^_^) However I have been doing a fair amount of drawing, between that and drinking Jack Daniels to try to stay sane. "Don't move to a mining town, you will turn into an alcaholic" said mum.... Maybe she was right :P

Recently I travelled thanks to the company, and got put up in a 5 start Casino and had everything payed for, it lasted 4 days but it felt like half an hour, so much fun, so much free alcahol....so much I don't remember. The picture has allot of my higher ups in it including the person who used to be my manager. Im the idiot up front who looks as trashed as he feels.

I will write soon, comment and let me know if you give a flying shit...coz I'll stop if not ^_^

Thanks guys

-Big Love

My First Post


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